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Awd To 2Wd


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Ya like chase said if you remove the front CV's then you would need the 2wd hub assembly because the CV axle/nut hold the bearing etc in place in the hub. Now you COULD remove the outer joint of the CV shaft that has the splined end and leave it in the hub if you didn't want to change hubs but that'd be kind of ghetto IMO but would work. As also mentioned if you don't want to change to a 2wd trans then a 2wd output shaft (shorter) and tailhousing would need to be installed in your current tranny (I myself would probably just get a 2wd tranny and use that and sell off yours to offset the cost). As far as the transmission crossmember, not sure on these trucks but you might be able to modify your stock one (or maybe no mod needed?) to work. I know on alot of the other vehicles/trucks I've done I've been able to retain the factory crossmember, but some drilling/welding may be required.

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You will prob have to upgrade your rear end to be able to handle the power.


I don't know why you would want to go 2wd in it TBH.

If it's just to do burnouts and slide it sideways on corners save up for repairs and inpound fees.. lol...

Been there and done that in my youth.. :banghead:

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Well i got a good close fried dwn here and hes gonna give me everything i need for free he ownes a big chevrolet junk yard with nothing bit newer vehicles.... last week he gave me some 243s and a complete 6.0 for free but anyways ima do it temporaly to see how i like it and to do the tunning on it with the new build im doing amd im gonna keep all my parts bc ill prob sooner or later put it back to 2wd bc i love my awd but for main reason is to tune and all that nc my transfer vase is messed up right now and im getting it rebuilt but i wanna see how it will be in 2wd im sure itll be a monster lol but ueah thats pretty much y im.doing it

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