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Bser Rollpan

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I Really want to get one of these BSER rollpans, So if anyone knows how to get one That would be great; Any info would be helpfull.


He only makes them in batches. So unless he still has one left over you'll have to wait for the next group purchase. maybe check the for sale section, every once in a while one pops up in there. thumb.gif


gotta get 3 buyers before he will start makeing them


It appears you have three (3) takers for a Rollpan. You must now contact BSER and ask him if he would be interested in making these. If he agrees to do a batch, please start a "BSER Group Buy - 2011" thread in the For/Sale Section ... Set a time frame, and make it happen.

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Im a serious buyer, if it happens add me to the list. Thanks, I tried to find his name in PM but I can't. Thank you.


I am 2...I'll give him a couple days to c if he comes on if not I think I saw his number on a old thread and ill give him a call.

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