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Tnsmission Problem

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for most of the times my tranny shifts through gear very good but some times it feels like it gets stock in one gear and won't go to the next or the over drive. this happens only sometimes and especially when i step really hard on the gas pedal. again, most of the times when i gun the truck i feels good. i notice that when she won't shift the temperature gauge for the tranny is some where around the middle. is this the reason? maybe is over heating? the needle never goes to the top though!

i am going to turbo charge the truck and i know the tranny is a issue i have to solve before anything. does any one know of any good tranny shop in NY?


Help Please!!!

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if i were you id do a fluid flush and change the filter to see if it fixes the problem. how many miles are on the tranny? if youre going turbo i would definitely recommend a fully built tranny and a bigger tranny cooler. i put the trucool 40k cooler on mine and it stays in the 160-170 range even on the hottest days here in Texas.

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Find the best shop and don't worry if they are in NY or not.Performabuilt guaranties everything they build even if you are racing and even if you use a brake!That's tough to beat.You just need to pay the shipping.Talk to the owner Frank.He's on Yahoo chat all the time.Even late at night.

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