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Awd Conversion Parts For Sale


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Hey guys,


I am selling the following parts off my truck:


DRIVER & PASSENGER FRONT AWD hubs ( left hand side is brand new just replaced a month and a half ago) GM factory one that was $300 something bucks not cheapo $180+ shipping


All the cv shafts $150+ shipping


Front drive shaft $150 + shipping


Rear drive shaft $150 + shipping


Front differential $300 + shipping


NVG 149 Transfer Case $650 + shipping


4L65E Transmission for AWD $550 + shipping


The transmission was rebuild about 40k ago when i purchased the truck it had been redone and ive put about 40k highway miles on it since then.

The tranny shifts perfect and doesnt have any hesitation at all. if you have any doubt i could take a small video of a test run in the truck before i take it apart.

I use the truck as a daily driver to travel to school so i dont beat on it or drag race it or anything like that.

The truck is pretty much stock i only have exhaust and intake so as you know the tranny is not stressed with the truck pushing stock HP..


I do not have any good transmission shops up here in Northern Maine that are experienced enough (THAT I TRUST) to take mine apart and build it as a 2wd tranny so im just going to find a complete 2wd tranny so my mechanic just has to do a swap which will be easy enough otherwise i would keep mine because it runs mint


If you have a RWD now maybe we can trade the rear drive shafts or whatever parts each other may need just shoot me a message.


PM me with any questions thanks guys!


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If you were in TX and I could help removing the parts so I knew how tthey went on my truck, I literally would take all of this from you.... no questions asked. Dammit why aren't you from TX? LOL



It would not be that hard to do any local shop could do what you dont know how because im literally unbolting the entire unit and i could send you my transmission along with the transcase and front drive shaft already still all together. All you would have to do is bolt this tranny up, attach your rear drive shaft, change your two front hubs and attach the cv shafts & differential.


it would be a lot harder if i seperate the parts but i can unbolt it all together and leave almost everything in tact.


ill give you a better package price on everything $1500 + shipping


$1350 if you would send me your rear drive shaft if yours is RWD

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