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After suffering for a whole year while in Afghanistan as I got to watch as everyone else was working on there rides on here, I finally had the chance to do the same since I am now stateside. Here are pics of my stripped and blasted Baer calipers and mounts. Going to paint them arrival blue tomorrow and as I make progress I promise to post pictures. I also tinted and cleared my tails and 3rd brake light but still have to buff them. My boss 330's are currently getting powdercoated and cant wait to post pics of the finished product. BTW I did get rid of the ugly fender flares! Enjoy :cheers: I apologize for the pic sizes..just realized it and I will try to fix it

post-19425-085777800 1298175010_thumb.jpg

post-19425-035264000 1298175016_thumb.jpg

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Hey thanks guys! Hey wretchedss what part you in?..Yeah its awesome being able to finally work on everything..Coming up with awesome Ideas over there was depressing because it couldn't be done till I got back haha...I wont have brakes on till next fridayish..Having rotors powdercoated then having the pad surface turned....I will also have pics of the powdercoated 330's..Il keep you guys updated

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