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Wanted! Power Wheels Bigfoot And Grave Digger


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Ok so I am looking to restore my first power wheels that I got WAY back when. I still have my power wheels Bigfoot. I am looking to get parts or a sticker sheet or a complete truck I will pay $$$$ for it and for shipping.. I also have 2 of the first generation Bigfoots as well. I am planing to rebuild for my son!!!!

Also I am looking for the Grave Digger power wheels as well. Again I will pay cash.. I AM LOOKING ON EBAY BUT NOTHING IS COMING UP! So am calling on the SS community to help a brother out.. Thanks guys!!!!!cheers.gifcheers.gif

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You ever been to Grave Diggers Dungeon in NC?

The man himself Dennis A. Was there 2 times we stopped by on way to OBX

He coached me on roll in awd donuts in my STi. !!!

They also had a gas powered kid size Digger for sale in the shop. - total bamf kid toy

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Haven't been to Grave Digger shop but I have been to Bigfoot's shop when I was 15. My buddy has been to Grave Diggers shop and also meet him while eating breakfast. He said he was a cool guy.

I have seen the gas powered ones before. My pops was going to get the bigfoot one when I was little but it was 5K just to send it out to put the stickers on.. So I got a quad instead!!!

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