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Exhaust Tips

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Can you guys post some pictures of your setups or throw some pics out here to help me get an indea of tips I like please. I searched and found a few other threads about this but all the pictures seemed to be expired so they wouldnt load. Im planning on having my exhaust done in the next week or so and the exhaust place I'm having it done at didnt have anything too appealing.

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Myself, I have 2 billy boat exhaust tips off of an orig. BB exhaust system ran out the side just like the truck above. My tips are a bit bigger though. I will try to post some pictures, but the truck is nasty right now due to this winter we have had here in KY.

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That shit makes WAY to much in cab noise IMHO......


Only if you dump close to the cabin... when I had mine it was dumped just before the rear axle and there was no in cab noise problems.


I've ridden in ones where people have dumped too close to the cab, and yes - that can be very loud.

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