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Custom Ss Air Bag

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i know some of you like the little touches to the truck that makes them stand out , after driving a tbss i noticed the cool ss in the center of the air bag on the steering wheel




so i did some experimenting. here is what i came up with




i know i need an installed as this is not a great picture but the ss is from the SS silverado font and it has a brushed aluminum look like the stock ss badges.

i will have this one installed in my truck soon with the led interior and some minor changes . should look kick ass with the autowoods steering wheel. the emblem is pretty nice its got a epoxy that rises off about 1/16" so its smooth with a clear finish .


id like to see if there is anyone who would want one of these so i can save us all a buck on having something custom that you wont see in every ss . im also hoping i can do other offerings like custom ss colors .ill have to check . i may have to get them all the same as pictured above to get a break on pricing. i plan to have these sent out as complete airbag replacements but depending on core's and liability that may change . these may a one time only thing .

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just finding a source for these airbags for a decent price is tough. right now in order to break even id need to sell them for 150 . that would include shipping and emblem already on it. however im not sure how shipping on airbags works if they need to be classified as hazmat or not . also altering an airbag may get me into liability issues so just to be safe for off highway use only :crackup:


i just want to get feedback on the colors so i can get them coming asap.


if you guys feel comfortable with that price ill get at least a few together for you guys who are serious. i may also have the option to buy just the emblem and you source the airbag yourself.

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