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New Wheel Mod


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Well, I posted earlier about being between a rock and a hard place on what wheels to go with, but more than likely, it will be black. So, I got my noggin to thinking, and done this today. Awhile back I picked up some steel wheels for winter use, and they are the yucky gray color. I had some supplies laying around, so I thought "Why not?" Mods, if you find this good enough to make it into the "How to's", please do so. But I really was just posting this as a mod. So here we go. This is the "redneck way" me being from ky. It may hold up, and it may not. But overall, I was happy with results.

Bedliner Steel Wheels


This is the starting product


Here are the supplies used to do this job. Some armorall car soup, regular masking tap, newspaper, rubbing alcohol, sand paper and of coarse, Rustoleum Bedliner in a can. Some of the items are not pictured.

Next, I sanded the wheels down just to roughin the powder coat down to make the bedliner stick. After a good sanding, they got a wash and rinse. Here's a couple of pictures of the result of that.



After that, a good going over with alcohol makes everything nice a clean, and ready for paint. Using masking tape, I went around the edges of the wheel, and then back around that with newspaper.


Time to start the painting. I started out with a light coat, and let it set a couple of minutes like the can said.


And the result of the second coat.....


And by the third coat, you can really see how good it was going to look...


A couple of coats later, and a touch up or two later..........here is our final product. A flat black rim, with the perfect texture for winter...


Yes, it did result in a few runs, but for a first timer on a set of rims, I thought it was great. I do have two more rims to go, then I will through them on the truck to show everyone how they look.

It anyone else is interested in doing this mod, and have any questions...feel free to ask

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Nice job though. Me and my brother just spend last weekend putting Duraliner along the bottom 7in of his entire truck, front and rear bumpers. It looks pretty good considering its a ford. Its a work/ hunting truck so it definitely protects the bottom from getting chipped from rocks and trees.

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