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Radix 112 For Sale


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I just picked up a TVS 1900 so the Radix is going out the door.......


Here's what you get...

Radix 112 w/ approx 20,000 miles


Custom bent powder coated lines courtesy of Mr P

Bosch pump (near new) with relay and tank

Ricard 2.9 pulley as well as stock pulley

Daco 100mm idler pulley x 2

Radix heat exchangert


Belts (although they may or may not work for what you have)



You'll need...

A return style fuel system or contact Magnuson for whatever it takes to convert this to returnless ( i hear is not a huge deal)

GM pigtail for IAT sensor




I'll throw anything else i can think of that i have lying around that may help in with the setup...just not sure what else at the moment. I'm sure i have forgotten something so may add input as this goes. I'll post locally tomorrow and on PT.net as well. I'll send more pics if needed.


$3000 plus paypal fees or i'll send it after funds clear if you'd prefer to pay another way. This price includes shipping to lower 48. I'll ship elsewhere but buyer may incur some fees.



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Go ahead with that address. And never mind all the magazines and junk mail you'll get. It's all just part of the deal crackup.gif

...and strange men knocking on your door answering "your" gay lonely heart advertisement on Craigslist... :jester:

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