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Edelbrock Ias Part #


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Hi, does anyone know the right part #for edelbrock IAS shocks that will fit my truck... it has a 2/2 belltech spindles/ shackels drop kit ... i only found part # 33012,front--34010,back....but it does not say if will work on lowered trucks..or will they???



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Why wouldn't you go with belltech shocks for lowered trucks? I read allot of good things about them.



Monotube shocks are far better than the twin tube shocks. Most of the drop shocks are cheap twin tube shock design. Edelbrock is a Monotube design where as Belltech are Twin Tube design......

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lol dont know about all that ive done many trucks and swapped ias for belltechs and the street performance is a better ride. But its up to you just trying to save your money.


here send a email to [email protected] i just did his truck 2 weeks ago. He had the IAS shocks and was very upset with ride and I put the belltech street performance shocks in his truck and he was so surprised on the ride difference on his sss.

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i had them road force balanced....when i lowered it i still had the stock goodyears... then i replaced them with nitto 420s ..some time after that this started to happen. the weirdest part is that it is random, so if i take it some were to have it looked at it dont happen. how would i know if was coming from the rear?? it seems in the front cause of the steering wheel thing


and also i really do appreciate your suggestion about the shocks but want to go with the edelbrocks so do you happen to remember the part #s u used on your customers cars with a 2/2 drop

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