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Hids, Chrome Parts, Sound System Installs!


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So my buddy is starting up a business on the side and has been busy getting sponsors and what not in the time being. So here is the deal. I have seen a ton of posts about car parts and accessories mainly HIDS.. Well, I figured I would post something up here to see if there is any interest in some things... He can get chrome kits for any vehicle from what I know such as door handle kits, Also he can help out with sound system installs and also guide you in the right direction as to what to buy and of course HIDS!!!!!

Now for the HIDS.. These kits are the Digital style with the better relay's meaning they will last longer with the relay kit then not at all.. Again he can get different PLUG IN AND PLAY kits.. His selling price is $150.00 shipped.. I'm sure if more people have interest he can maybe offer a discount. Not sure gotta ask..


So if he gets enough interest on these kits he said that he is going to sign up on the SS sight and become a member..(Admen if there is a problem with this post or anything please contact me I don't want to piss people off for him selling things. We want to do this the right way)..


I will be getting my set of lows and fogs in next week and I hope to have pics up shortly there after.. So let me know if you are interested and I will take it from there. I will then start a sign up or contact page almost like BSER. Not in that form but something similar.


PLEASE PLEASE DON'T POST NON SENSE ON THIS PAGE OR HIGHJACK THIS THREAD. If you have any questions post them or simply PM me!! Thanks guys and let me know!!cheers.gif

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