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Fs/T> 04 Awd Black Ss


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Ok, here's the deal. I'm currently in Afghanistan, and im THINKING of selling my truck, OR trading it + CASH for a -2004 c5 z06 - 2005/2006 C6 Corvette w/ higher miles. I'll be in afghanistan for another 8 months. The truck sits at my parents home they baby it and drive it for me to keep it running. The truck is located in Southern California. This isn't for sure, but i'll give it a shot and see what I can do.


109k Miles, 6.0 engine, NO MODIFICATIONS, clean. AWD. I'd say the interior is in great condition besides the ware on the side of the seats. The exterior is GOOD, it has a ding on the passenger tail end, but I will have it buffed out before sale. It has 22" Panther Juice 6 rims, w/ 305/45/22 KUMHO tires. I bought some 24" KMC Slides BLACK w/ Kumho 295/35/24 tires. I can throw these in the deal also. THEY HAVE 0 MILES ON THEM, not even installed yet. I also bought some Halo HID parking/headlights. The windows just got tinted with 5% all the way around and 50% on the windshield. As you see in the old pictures I had a red 'untouchable' sticker on the front, it got removed... THANK GOD. lol. I also have the AVS covers for the tail lights and head lights/parking. The truck is completely black but the SS emblems. @ 100k miles I replaced the front wheel hubs, tie rods, sway bar links, u joint, HD Billstein shocks 2x front 2x rear. And upper ball joints. I was prepping for a 3"/4" drop that I never got around to before deploying. Check out my photo album here and ask questions... Ill respond asap as being in afghanistan and limited time. Thank you.




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