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Help With P0174 Code

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so i got the long tubes put on and im just running open headers.. i drove it around town to see how it would do and it drove fine till my sel came on and its throwing P0174, system too lean. bank 2...


btw i just bought new front 02 sensors when i bought the headers and installed them. the truck is tunned for no rear 02s.


any help is apprciated


thanks, mike

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DId you make sure the 02 sensor is plugged in? Also, did you tune for the new headers?



yes there plugged in and i did have my pcm tunned for the headers.. i wont really know the problem till i get my full exauhst on

but as of right now i think it is just throwing that code because i am running straight headers no y-pipe.. so the cold air from outside might not be letting my o2s get hot enought to ready accurate

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