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Rip Martha/Grandmother


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Dont have much to say but sadly my grandmother has passed after a 20 year battle with Alzheimers. I dedicated my past 10 years to helping her in any way I could, getting a soda or just watching a red sox game babysitting.

Reason I bring this about is my grandfather set me up to purchase my SS truck in 2005 and I promised to take care of his ailing wife to the end (he passed in 8/2005). Sorry to spill my life story, but it is damn tough looking at my truck now. When I pulled into my garage after seeing her off to the funeral home I could barely look at it (the truck is off the road for winter).

RIP Martha :angel:

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Sorry for you loss, I lost my grandmother a couple years back to Alzheimers also. Its really sad to see them suffer and not even recognize you when you walk in the room, as if you were a complete stranger. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.

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Thank you guys and Ms/Mrs. stormchaser. Really dont know what to say but thank you 4 the support, encouragement, and I try my best to be a man of my word :happysad: .


El Chivo-I agree, they are together in a better place together may they RIP. Thank you sir.


DEISS-Ever since my grandpa passed my life has revolved around my grandmother and I did my best to keep my word. Off topic, I hope you get to replace your beautifal SS with another. That is one of the most classy SS' I have ever seen. Too bad I only have 18inch AR TT ST rims


Carls LQ9-I am sorry the rim trade did not work out, shit has been hectic around here to say lightly. You are a helluva guy, I cant wait to see what you have going on for your next project.


Oscar- thank you sir :chevrolet:


SuperedSS-thank you for your kind words, my grandmother was very spiritual, it is very much appreciated.


Berry- Thank you for your thoughts, I consider any MA member part of my family. Cant wait to shoot the shit with you and Mike. I will be making my way to the south shore this summer.


Bad aSS Silvy- We are still coming to terms with this, but you hit the nail on the head, your prayers are very much appreciated :happysad: . I will keep you in my thoughts, I still remember talking about Edelbrock headers!


Eekroar- Thank you bro, may our Chronic pain issues be ridden somehow, way or form. Thank you for your prayers :happysad:


Firemen31-Thank you man, you are very helpfull to the site, and also to situations like these. I am hanging in their, just a couple beers deep. :cheers::happysad:


Stormchaser- Thank you, I am running out of words but it is very much appreciated. I am showing my mother the support and she is suprised to see the responses. :happysad:


Jeff- We are looking into ME to buy some property. I will be going up to the lighthouse near you this summer, and in between York and Kennebunke. We should meet up and lobster ourselves to the point of no return , I look 4ward to seeing your truck blow by me with that ESP tune and Corsa system:peelout: :happysad:. I look forward to meeting up, I have been a crab in a shell but now its time to adventure since my duty is done.



Thank you all kindly for your thoughts, prayers and comments. I sound like a person who justs :blahblah: but its time to turn the chapter in my life and onto bigger and better things. Im really liking the idea of purchasing an AWD dyno for the Northeast crew, but that is down the line. Let me get threw the burial 1st, and then we may be able to let these AWD trucks go crazy, I know my corvette neighbor would think the noise from our trucks is music to his ears at WOT. :thumbs::smoker: Thank you all.

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