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Gave My Avalanche A Bath

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The Avy got a bath yesterday afternoon. Came out looking good


Products Used:

  • Green Wheel Cleaner
  • All Purpose Cleaner
  • Boars Hair Brush
  • Fender Brush
  • Lug & Trim Brush
  • 2 buckets
  • 2 grit guards
  • 1 jumbo wash pad (upper 2/3 of truck
  • 1 standard wash pad (lower 1/3 of truck)
  • Adams Car Wash
  • Fire Hose Nozzle + Shut Off Valve
  • 1 Great White Drying Towel
  • Detail Spray (drying agent)
  • Blaster Sidekick
  • 4 Waterless Towels
  • Waterless Wash (door jamb and wheel wipe down)
  • 1 Pro Tire App
  • 1 Super block sponge
  • Super VRT for tires, trim, and bed cladding






Got down to 33* last night, everything was frozen this morning, but it warmed up and turned out to be a nice day


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daym sounds like i missed a cold one avy is looking good man .


Yep... froze overnight here so I'm sure out at your pad it was even colder. How was your trip bro? You end up finding a good grease gun before you left?



Oh... remember how I said I was detailing helicopters. No joke:



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