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Tvs 1900 Questions?

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Aloha, I have a 2008 Seirra 6.0 V-Max 4wd with the 4L70E. I just put a magnacharger on it, the TVS-1900, the kit came with every thing but it didnt come with the Magna-volt. My question is was it sapose to come with one? Im pretty sure its not a flex fuel truck. Im waiting on the return of my ECM and TCM from magnacharger right now. Also dose any one know what size pulley comes with the TVS-1900 for the 2008 V-Max trucks, the one that came it the kit is a 3.4, but read that they come with a 3.2?

Thank you for your help. ALOHA

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if they are supposed to come with one , then take the one they gave you and sell it and either do a better pump (flex fuel has a better fuel system since it supports e85 which requires more fuel to run stoich) or about 30% more ethanol is needed to run the same as gasoline. Id be willing to bet they can support the out of the box 1900tvs.


if you want a boost a pump id go with a kenne belle. they are much more proven in reliability and longevity. Ive seen many magnavolts work but not for long , this is including on my truck and others i know personally.

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