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Power Windows Question


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Ok first sorry if this does not make any since trying to explain the best I can its hard. So I have a 04 signal cab short bed I am making a clone. I want to upgrade the door panels to power windows.(yes I know ill need to get all the powering stuff inside the door) So my question do all the gm trucks share the same main wiring harness. So since my truck does not have power windows. Does the main harness have a spot for the door wiring to plug into?


if anyone has any info about this would be awesome!

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the harness should be the same but besides installing new door panels, power window regulators, drivers and passenger door modules. your going to have to either change the bcm or reprogram it, as well as re pin the ip fuse block so as much stuff as you could get from a doner vehle the better, if you buying from the factory id say your wasting your time because its gonna be pricy

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Your best bet is to get a service manuel with the wiring diagrams, Some of the wiring+cicriut breakers are also on the I/P relay block (under driverside dash)and the right I/P relay block (rightside of dash) Hope this helps u out

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