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they blew it with the body style. My wifes SRT jeep looks way more gangster than that.


The 6.1 in the old SRT8 jeep runs high 12s with just a tune.


I think its cool they came out with something new but IMO it is ugly.

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8 speed tranny? why?


Mostlikely it will not be a true 8 speed tranny, but a sissy 3 or 4 speed with a spliter/overdrive gear that engages in each gear. I.E. Low gear, then 1st, 1st overdrive, 2nd, 2nd overdrive... and so on like the one lexus is using. Which is not a bad idea... The same thing can be accomplished with a gearvendors overdrive unit. Its pricey but worth it to have 7 forward gears and a close ration set up. Spliting 1st gear alone would pick up at least 1-2tenths in the 1/4 mile, and a few MPH. No more 2nd gear bogg. Stacey David used one behind a turbo 400 on project copper head.

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