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Best Tranmissions Shops?

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Hey all, would like to know from your experience where the best and most economical places to get a transmission are..

i want to go with a really well built 4L65E 2wd

just wondering where you guys have gotten some trannys and how satisfied you were with the companies.

i want one with a good rep and great customer service that offers warranties.


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Feel free to send me a PM about this. :pepsicheer:


Wheatley helped me get a great deal with Performabuilt. They offered the best deal IMO. 2 year warranty, no core, look at their website and decide. Frank is always helpful when you need him. I've called many times with stupid questions. Again, make sure you get a bell housing and rear tail housing with your trans. since you don't have those now on your core. P.built did not provide for me. Not mad at all, just saying...

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Hard to get a warranty as good as Performabuilt offers.Frank does nice work and he gives great backup.He's usually on Yahoo chat till about 3:00 in the morning.Only other company that I know of that are one of the best is RPM.I broke a part in mine and it sent debri all through the trans.It was my fault when I installed it in my C5 and they offered to fix it for nothing knowing it wasn't their fault.I didn't even buy the trans directly from them.I bought it fresh from a friend and they were still going to take care of me.Don't buy the cheapest one.Buy the best and you'll save money when you won't have to buy it again.A lot of guys make big power and then they go to a local trans shop because it was convenient and they didn't want to ship.Big mistake.

Good luck.

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located in Maine, no good shops up here otherwise i would just have my stock tranny turned into a 2wd and upgraded a bit cuz it runs mint right now.



Their is a member here in central MA that is great with transmissions. I will call and ask him if I can recomend him to you if you would like. He rarely comes on the site anymore.



edit-I called him today and he said he will help you out if you'd like. Just PM me and I can give you his number.

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