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Dash Trim Kit?


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Have you thought about getting some Bulldog adhesive spray and painting it yourself?If you can't spray it yourself, you could have a local college that has auto body tech paint everything for free just supply the materials. I painted the interior on a friends car in school,lime green.Lightly sanded pieces, two coats of Bull Dog, primer, sand again, base coat, clear. It came out looking like a piece of candy. We did learn that wet sanding and buffing the clear can possibly turn it into a driving hazard. When the sun hit it at certain angles it would burn holes in your retinas.

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I've never seen any of the aftermarket trim kits in person so I can not judge how they fit. If you were to paint the trim you have now, you would at least be assured it would fit correctly. Also, you could throw some pearl or metal flake in it if you chose to. If you have college around, get your dad to swing in and talk to the instructor. If not, I'm sure a body shop would not charge you too much for a couple pieces. I would suggest getting your paint from Oreily's.Not all of the stores have a paint department but usually at least one in town has a full paint department in the back of the store. Where I live you have to go through a door in the back of the store, so get him to call before hand so he doesn't have to waste gas.

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