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very nice, reminds me of my truck when i got it years ago Chevy_anim.gif


old pics 1 2



yeah man seeing your truck inspired me to sell my SS and buy my RCSB to make my clone. i have all the cladding for the bed, badges, and front cover. i am looking for the rest of the cladding and a rear bumper.


thanks guys i hope by the end of the summer to have all of the exterior stuff.

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Clones have really grown on me - whats plans with the motor?



motor plans are lq4(not lq9 because i want it blown)


blown-radix 112

full exhaust- pacesetter headers high flows and flowmaster (i think i like the sounds) it will come out infront of the rear wheel with 2 stock tips.

dyno tune

and get a tranny out of a 2500 hd 2wd.


i know this is broad but it is still early in my planing.


looks i still need to get my hood, the other half of my cladding, rear bumper, and front bumper scoops.


i have a long way to go... but just taking it one step at a time.


i think that is it for now. that i can think of

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