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Head Choice

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Ok i am currently building a 408 for my 04 AWD SS, i got my rotating assembly back and my cam with all other mods,42# Inj./Long tubes..etc however i am stuck between head/intake choice. There seems to be alot of talk on here about different opinions and i am wondering who has ran what head with what intake for the most performance gains. I am looking at the L92 heads port/polished with PRC .675 Dual Springs, Gm L92 intake valves and either FAST lsxr car intake(rectangle ports) or port and polished truck intake (only for the money being a little cheaper) OR i am looking at PRC 237cc ported LS heads with PRC platinum springs and stainless valve kit. These heads will allow me to use my factory truck intake since they are cathedral ported. And for the time being the truck intake will be used but ported and polished. Just curious, the PRC heads are rated high, but i just wanted to some feed back from someone. Chine in...PLEASE:banghead:

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