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Fs: Steering Wheel


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I have the steering wheel from when my truck was broken in to. I had to pay out of pocket for a new one so I kept the one that came out to make some of my money back. It had right at 40K miles on it. Absolutely no paint chipping on any of the buttons. it now has two small scratches on the bottom and one large scratch about 7" long on top. I used flash to take the pics so I could show it really well, but it actually blends in pretty good. you can just slightly feel it though, if you are feeling for it. I considered getting it recovered in custom leather and stitching but its taking up space at this point. I did the bulb replacement on the vol and seek buttons but it seems like there might have been another bulb (possibly two) out. It took me about 10 minutes from start to finish to fix. I could replace them all so theyll all be new for an extra $20, or you can do it yourself for a few buck by following the thread in the "How To" section. I want $115 shipped for this thing. let me know if there is any interest. Thanks, Sam.



If anyone wants additional pics, just pm me your number and Ill text them to you.....MMS style LOL.

post-8854-013493700 1299249236_thumb.jpg

post-8854-078342500 1299249240_thumb.jpg

post-8854-036599700 1299249245_thumb.jpg

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