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well i got anew tool box and my old had a couple things in ti from my truck engine swap and other mods!

first is a windage tray for the v8 oil pan either 4.8 5.3 or 6.0

next is header gaskets for the same motors....

also i have a complete set of exhaust clamps (ubolt style) great for someone who wants to put on headers! i beleive its like 8 total...

steering wheel off an 03 no buttons or leather...but it is mint condition ive seen some that are really torn up this would make a nice replacement..


FREEEEEE^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^JUST PAY SHIPPING^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


for 45 bucks shipped i have a polished oem sss tip.....

black craftsmen tool box the kind that goes on top of the chest with an open top and four draws.. 40 bucks plus shipping...

brand new 70ish piece craftsmen 1/4 inch drive socket set deep and shallow, all pieces are brand new and NEVER used my dad bought me a 400 piece kit just before my engien swap and i never used this smaller kit i bought prior on my own.....65 shipped...


ill add more as i clean out more boxes!

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