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2013 "Nnbs" Silverado

Bad Bowtie

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The other day my neighbor asked me if I'd seen the new GM trucks coming out. Then a day later a friend texted me saying he was thinking about trading in his 2008 Silverado- But he was aking me if I'd heard when the new body style was coming out.


IDK, what to say or think. So here I was today surfing the "information highway". This is what I found:




I'm not impressed to say the least.... :nonod:

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Silverado SS is the best thing they've made period. GM needs to color match more like they did with the SS. I've got a 2000 Silverado in the driveway and the multi-colored bumper drives me crazy. GM still does the same thing to this very day. I have the 2000 because I like that body style the most. The 2003 models with the funky headlights never grew on me besides the SS. The new body style is alright in the GM models. The Chevy models look messed up with the crazy headlights. I don't know why they didn't put the new tahoe front end on the Silverados. it would look a million times better IMO.

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