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03 Blue Ss From Woodstown, Nj


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Hey everyone, became part of the SS club in may 09 when i totaled my 03 sierra. Love it, glad I upgraded. Been scanning the forums for a while for ideas and such, decided its time to post something.

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Thanks everyone! As far as pics go, the only ones I have are from when I bought it. Im working on getting a bunch of stuff for it as we speak. Currently it just has true dual flowmaster super 44's and a cold air intake. I had to spend a bit when I bought it because the it needed the front diff rebuilt, tires, and some other minor stuff which ended up not being cheap and pretty much zapped the accessories budget. Im looking at a goodmark hood, new head and parking lights cause mine have moisture in them and they would look better clear. Also looking into the wheatley PCM. Wouldn't mind any suggestions either.


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