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Im having the hood repainted. Not sure exactly what Im going to do. The new engine covers are at the paint shop now. They are getting the same Kinetic Blue, Silver, and Black to repicate the ZR1 engine bay.


Hood paint suggestions??????


Maybe some SS stripes in the blue. IDK

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imo blue tru fire similar to my truck but with a bit more would be killer.


I really like how it turned out , better than i pictured in my head . it has the zr1 theme going for sure.


You inspired me to change my caliper color too. i think orange would work well with mine.


get that thing to the track with the d1 and see what she will do.

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Chase- these were painted and cleared. Even Brembo doesnt powdercoat there calipers just good paint. We scuffed them, then used etching primer. Then base coat clear coat! The rears we did the same and I had the BAER logo and claw made in a decal that was then cleared over with paint.


I'm thinking about calling Mike Lavallee and having him do blue true fire inside SS hood stripes.

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