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Calling All Gun Guys


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Well one of my dads ex girlfriends gave this to me a couple of years ago and im trying to see what it is and what it could be worth



inscribed on the top of the barrel is "In memory of Virgina Sal - Killed at Kings Mountian S.C. October 7, 1780"











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try searching here..




or try the manufacturer. but back then their were a lot of small arms manufacturer that sold to a local area and not well know out side of it..


good luck

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hmm, seems to be a ferguson rifle design, i just tried the breech loading mechanism and it works pretty smoothly, ill have to research it some more, im not sure what proof marks to look for or anything. Its more than likely that its a replica because there are only 2 original ferguson rifles in reported in the US

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find a local gun shop or a gun museum and ask them. it could be worth a lot if its older but there are SOOOO many replicas out there. could be worht 50 bucks or could be worth 5 grand. u never know.

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