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Thinking About A Sss


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Hi Guys. I thought I would introduce myself since I have been browsing the board for a few days. My name is Mike. I am thinking about picking up an SSS. I would be buying it under my business and using it as a work truck. I do home electronics installs, such as custom home theaters. I have a van that I would have my brother drive, so not too much would see the bed of the truck, honestly. Occasionally, I would have to deliver a TV that is too tall to fit in the van, and the main reason I am looking for a truck. I will probably have to sell my car due to space issues, so I wanted something with a little more power to it. I have a Audi A6 2.7t that is chipped and has some decent power. So I am hoping the this truck serves my purpose. I think I would like to go with a black truck. It is definitely harder to keep clean, but my van is also black and I would like to keep things uniform for the business. I have found a couple things to look for, but thought I would ask for suggestions on things to look out for, and some common problems. Just from reading I can tell this is a pretty friendly board and I hopefully will get to know some of you.




Edit: I didn't notice for some reason there was a section for introductions. I posted this there. Mods, you can delete this if you'd like. I am really sorry.

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