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Any One Attend An Hpde Or Track Day?


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Curious to know if anyone has taken their SS on a road course. How was it? I may have the opportunity to get my SS onto mid Ohio road course in April.


Have you been on track before?


Taking the SS out would be a great way to spend the day....


I've spent many a great day on 5 different tracks in 3 different cars, each with a different level of prep from bone stock to wildly GT class SCCA modified.


Now all were stick - I'm not sure about the whole automatic concept when wailing into a corner. You use the gear selection as much as the motor to make fast laps.

If I have the chance again I would do it in the SS just to find the limits in a safe environment with an ambulance standing by.....


You never know..... years ago one of my pals totaled his car right in front of me. His oil caused me to almost T bone another guy I later became close friends with - to this day.


Do it and take video pepsicheer.gif

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I have done 6 track days on my sport bike over the past 3 yrs. I know all about the potential dangers of being out there. I really want to start tracking cars but I don't have an additional car to take out there yet. I am considering taking the SS, learning the lines and trying it out. Kind of just go from there.

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