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Hello From Memphis, Tn

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Hello everyone, i'm new to the forums and hopefully soon will be an owner of a Silverado SS. I have wanted an SS since the first time I laid eyes on one. I have found out from reading posts on here and just doing a little research that these trucks are a lot more than just good looks. I wanted to ask a few questions about the SS. Forgive me if they have already been asked.


What is the best year for the SS?


And why the hell did they stop making them?


Thanks again, I hope to get one this summer.

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Welcome! :cheers:


The best year is the one you own! :jester: Some guys (like me) would only have AWD. Some favor 2WD. Some like the "powerdome" hood on the later models, some don't.


There really aren't many mechanical differences between the years (mainly AWD), so whatever you like, color, etc. it's up to you. :chevy:

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I really like the earlier models but I don't know if I want AWD all the time. It would be a DD for me I mainly want it to look nice and sound nice.


I take extreme care of everything I own and I would baby this thing. I'll be the first one to tell you, I am not mechanically inclined when it comes to vehicles.


I'm an a+ certified computer tech I can fix tech related stuff all day long, when it comes to trucks i'm a noob, haha.


I guess I mainly need to ask, How reliable are these trucks day to day and what should I look out for when buying one?

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My truck has been rock solid since day 1. No mechanical issues. I maintain it diligently, and I don't beat the hell out of it. I do run it at the track occasionally.


Some will complain about the weakness of the front differential and the transmission. With a lot of power added, the trans does need to be beefed up. I don't have a lot of power added, and my stock trans and front diff are holding up fine. (Knock on wood!) Since I live in the northeast, I wanted the AWD. Plus, when I got mine, 2WD wasn't even offered.


Other guys will post their opinions, so weigh the information, and make your choice. Good luck! :thumbs:

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My .02 is the AWD is the way to go- Mind you, I wanted a 2WD when I got mine, but after a few trips to Gatlinburg in the snow season, and pulling the car to the track and navigating wet grass at night when leaving, I'm damn sure glad it wound up being AWD. The gas mileage is straight horrible, but it's not my daily. If towing and slick stuff driving aren't as concern for you, I'd say pick the nicest truck you can find in your price range whether it be AWD or rear.

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Welcome to the forum :chevy:


Like you, I am a fellow career "I/T Professional" :yellow_loser::jester:


Answering your question, I feel the 2003 SSS was the best offered:

1. Most of them came fully-loaded

2. Better door panels!

3. Full-return fuel system

4. AWD (lifted from the Escalade)

5. After wrenching on countless SSS trucks, the newer ones just 'feel' cheaper.


That's MY subjective opinion.


All that said, I think in your case you would be much happier with a 2WD '05-'07 SSS truck:

1. Less to go wrong with them (no transfer case or front axle)

2. Far better MPG and resale value

3. More likely to find a 2WD truck with lower miles than a 8-year old 2003 SSS

4. On an '07 truck you can still qualify for a used car loan, if you need it


You sound like a real SSS truck fan, meaning I would expect that whatever SSS you purchase you will keep it long term (more than 5-years) so I recommend you get something you can afford to drive long-term, and the 2WD SSS trucks are better on gas and driveline costs. If you do get a AWD SSS then you will be rewarded with amazing street and foul-weather performance potential at the cost of never being able to do a burnout LOL. Another consideration, when I purchased my truck I was required by my company to be prepared to drive to anywhere in the US in any weather at a moment's notice, and that factor was a major one towards buying the AWD SSS, if your job requires you to service the needs of I/T clients under critical SLAs then it might be a huge vote for the 2003-2004 trucks.


Another overwhelming reason to get a 2003-2004 AWD truck is if you want an Arrival Blue one; I regret not getting one now!


Good luck with your shopping.


Mr. P. :)

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Welcome to the site. I sure hope you can locate one. I have only seen a total of 6 the whole time I've had mine here in Memphis.


Maybe I hang on the east side too much!


Get the cleanest one you can find and enjoy.




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