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9.8 Mpg, Can I Do Better?


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05 2wd, intake exhaust.


i've been suffering with under 10MPG for the last six months of driving my truck. usually its around 14 mpg, which isn't bad. i'm not very heavy in the trottle, specially with the winter conditions.


i've haven't changed anything, its still only got 40k on the motor. regular synthetic oil change. just been driving it.


it almost seems i get better gas mileage in the summer when i switch computers to my reprogrammed pcm.


does anyone have any advice on how to improve my MPG ?

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something is off , quite a few things to check


air filter

fuel filter


tire pressure.

bad cat/cat's

some other thigns too


DRIVING HABITS :jester: i read your post just giving you crap


winter weather wont effect it much , the dense air is good for hp but takes more fuel to burn stoich. though it will also take less throttle to get the same response since hp is up so thats why it wont effect it much.


is there any dtc's?

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Wow that is bad! My milage has gone down the crapper the last 6 months too and there's a horrible rattling from under the truck, pretty sure my cats are toast. Obxr long tubes with resonators are on the way, screw that cat junk! :pepsicheer: my milage started getting bad BEFORE the noise though so if you start to hear a vibration or rattle at idle, that should pretty much tell you it's cat time.

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DTC = Diagnostic Trouble Code





Also, take into context that this is not the best time of year for good gas mileage. Winter blends of gasoline are known to render worse then average fuel mileage, not to mention that extended idle time during the winter have an adverse effect on fuel economy. How are you calculating your mileage? Are you just going by the Driver Information Center?

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