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How Tell If Vho Is Tuned Or Not?


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Hey guys, wanted to know if there is any way to tell if my 2005 VHO is tuned or not. I bought it a not too long ago and was thinking about tuning it but didnt want to cause any issues if it is already tuned. I wanted to know if there was a way to tell besides taking it to the dealer and having to pay $100+ just for that.



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Other than driving another VHO that you're sure isn't and trying to notice differences than I don't think it's possible. A tuner could quickly look at your tune and know. Are you close to Katy, TX? Wheatley is from there. I'm sure he'd take care of you man if you contacted him.

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I talked to a couple people and they mentioned to me that one way to tell is in the shift points and firmness. So I took the truck for a drive, mashed on the pedal from a dead stop, the gears shift very smoothly. I was told if the truck was tuned, more than likely the gear shifts would be pretty firm. The truck reved up to about 50mph in 2nd before shifting to 3rd relatively smoothly. I have a 1990 Silverado that I had put a Hypertech chip in back in the day. I can still recall the shift differences in that truck were very significant. So I am assuming the VHO has the stock ECU configuration.

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