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2 Socal Clinics Coming Up!

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Always! I don't work well w/o coffee.


I just came in to eat dinner... truck was a holy hell of a mess, and the shop never even got around to re-shooting the door. So annoyed... ended up just going to pick it up b/c I need it to get to the clinic tomorrow.... they had it for a week, but never painted. ARG!


Now I'm washing it in the dark and trying to halfway clean it up so I don't have to drive a filthy wreck tomorrow.

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That was very informative, sorry I didn't introduce myself, my mom called me and had an emergency so I had to leave suddenly. I was the guy that kept asking all those ?'s and made you wash those tires and wheels lol! Thanks for the VRT and I picked up some detail spray and polish.

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No worries man... I saw your truck, but then before I could figure out who drove it in you were gone... I get pulled at about 100 different directions at these events b/c everyone has questions so if I didn't get to you for something I apologize.... drop me an email if you need anything.

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