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Killer Paint

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Is Mike Lavallee doing it himself?

I hope you don't take the idea I have for my hood LOL.

And yea this is a teaser for sure.


Yeah Mike is doing it. I've traded some work out with him before. Im a PDR guy and have fixed a few cars for him. He is a truly nice guy. Called him today and he said bring it up saturday. So I may just give him free reign to do as he pleases. Hes a really talented guy.

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No though the guy that did mine is just as talented imo. mike lavalee or kp had a big contest of who could do the best real fire and sent it to painters across the country and low and behold the guy that did mine won it .


im still in love with the tacoma he did to win it . the only ever real fire with smoke i have seen and would consider it on my truck if i went all out.


here is a picture of the truck he did it with




the crappy part was the person he used to clear it , ruined it . sucks he had major hours into this .


and mikes contest he won along with his other real fire projects(my helmet is in there too)




A friend of mine has a sand rail done by mike lavalee and it almost looks identical . im supposed to bring my truck down and hookup to the sand rail for a photo for their business (they built my 427)


ok Sorry for the hi-jack but im sure doug will have something amazing and make us all jeolous . btw if you can pm me what he has in store im excited to see what you guys come up with .


btw blue fire is sick



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Oh you know it Chase. I may just give him free reign. That Tacoma is SICK. Damn!!! I have a couple of ideas, but the more I ponder blue fire I'm liking it more and more. Whatever it is should really make the calipers pop.


I've always lived the true fire, but let's be honost! You're the original SS guy with it.

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you and i both . I get "flamed" a bit for having flames on my truck as there is alot of horrible paint here in so-cal . i wish i would have done more all over the truck now but paint can always be done over.


Cant wait man!!! post or pm me when you have your shceme set in stone.

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Dropped hood off today with Mike. He is such a cool guy with way too much talent. Gave him an idea of what I wanted. Then let him do his magic. I don't even know what going to happen :)


But I'm hella excited

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