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Discolored Wiper Cowl?

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My buddy at work has a 2003 - 2500HD and he asked me about what to use to make his wiper cowl black again.


They are not faded to a light gray, They are a funky looking faded purplish, blue, red. yadda yadda yadda.


He figured it was caused from the wiper fluid he's been using due to some of it has flung off onto the plastic pieces on his mirrors as well. I asked what fluid he was using and he basically said whatever he grabbed near the counter at the parts store, no certain brand.


I looked around online a little and seen something called Back To Black & Foreverblack.


What's a good product to use if you know this situation with the cowl I'm talking about. something that will last longer then a week or two?

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I actually just "Back to Blacked" all my plastics on my VHO with Mothers, for the hell of it I put some all over my wiper blades and wiper arms. It's only been a few days and looks great. Not greasy like armor-All just looks fresh and new.....

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