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Baer Extreme 2000-Up Kit 4301019R


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Hey there all I am new here, always loved the SS's but never had the chance to buy one. Anyway I was able to purchase the kit as I have listed above for 2000-UP GM 2WD or 4WD pickups or SUV's for a substantial discount and I was going to use the pieces in a project that I started, but decided to go a different route. I figured that you all over here would like the kit or use it as it is for your application.




Well here is the low down it is a complete, Baer Extreme front brake upgrade kit for 00-up Tahoe, silverado, etc., 6 lug 15 inch rotors, pads, 6 piston monoblock calipers and mounting hardware. This kit you have to have 20's or larger on your truck. This is the Kit from Summit.




Here is pics of the actual kit, one caliper the paint coating is chipping on the bottom, the system has never been used, probably from getting shuffled in shipment or something.






Let me know if there is any interest in this kit on here. The price below is what I paid for the kit.


1750 shipped OBO add some for Paypal and if I have to ship it to any place but the lower 48. Let me know, this is going to fund something else. It is going to be at least 60 bucks in shipping


I can be emailed direct @ mfetcko at charter.net as I know that I am new, Please let me know if you need more pictures or anything like that.

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