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New Exhaust System


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Well I finally purchased a set of pacesetter ceramic coated headers from Texas Speed. The guy that owns flomonster muffler wants to try out a few of his new mufflers on my truck. He wants to get video clips of each. That means he wil be cutting off my exhaust to do this, but he is willing to do a whole exhaust in return for using my truck. So he's going to get the mandrel bent pipe kit with the 90s and 45 bends etc and hand make the intermidate pipes and X pipe and new tips exiting out in front of back wheel. May keep the mufflers I have but have the option on whichever muffler I like. The sound will definately change with the high flow cats and the headers. Got to pm Wheatley so he can do a retune for the new exhaust and the efans I have setting around. I'll try and get some photos and video clips of the sounds and install.

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Wow your a lucky guy........ I have heard good things about flowmonster, make sure you put up all the video clips here for us!


Will do. I love the flowmonsters for there sound and performance. He's also doing T-shirts with the flowmonster logo with our trucks in it. We got to talking about some ideas that would look good. His logo is a green T-REX. Trying to figure out away to incorporate the T-Rex into the SS pickup. I told him to stick him in the bed of the truck holding on with dear life and fire coming out of his nostrils. He has a photo of my truck so the guy that does the graphics has something to sketch from. Also I told him about the different colors our truck came in. So if any one has any thoughts that would look good lets hear them. Here is the T-Rex photo.

post-14750-039755800 1300136682_thumb.jpg

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