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New Ss Owner!


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Well not exactly but if all goes according to plan I will be a new SS owner on tuesday! Just to introduce myself, Im Ross from Longisland NY. Trading my BMW 540 for an 04 sSS. Been browsing through threads on here since last week and looks like this is the place to be if you have an SS. So far the truck has a Magnaflow exhaust, Custom CAI, some sort of chip (dont remember what it was), 5% tints on the windows and rear glass, black silverado steelies, tinted headlights, 10K HID's, and the bed has been RhinoLined. I will throw up some pics on tuesday when I get the truck.

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steel rims? like the spare tire?


congrats man




I'm not sure if the spare is the same, but the rims on the truck are 5 spoke steelies ( either 16 or 17) painted black. They look like the spare on my dads Escalade so maybe.



Welcome from an ex-Long Islander! :cheers: Keep an eye out for Northeast get togethers and join in when you can. :chevy:


I definitely will do that!



Thanks to everyone for the warm welcomes. Can't wait to see what this new "addiction" will bring...

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Well here she is guys!! Just got the truck washed and the interior vacummed and detailed. It needs two new rear tires which I will take care of either tonight or tomorrow, and the paint could definately use a good compounding and a wax. Other than that, I will let the pictures speak for themselves...









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