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4L60 Trans Build

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So the trans is back in finally after a few weeks. Along with all the wheels and brakes I rebuilt the trans because of a cracked piston. It allowed fluid to get by and burn up the clutches. The culprit was too much line pressure, so it was replaced with a billet one instead of the older cast style. I made my trans builder list all that is inside, so here goes. Now bear with me Im no trans tech just the guy writing checks.post-1515-047359600 1299906995_thumb.jpg NO BUENO


Circle D Converter


List of parts and mods

5 pinion GM planetary

Hardened input shaft

Full roller bearings throughout

All new bushing

New Band drum GM 2-4

Wide Carbonite Racing band

13 vane pump

High rev kit

14 3-4 frictions Z-PAX

Billet forward piston

input drum reinforced

Input sprag + race assembly

2-3 shift valve

Billet Servos

Blue Plate over run & Forward

New over run pressure plate

Forward apply piston

3-4 finger #7 apply piston

New seals and Orings

Trangsgo -2 Kit

Drain plug welded in pan for easy fluid changes


Well that oughta do it.

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