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Gsxr 750 Build


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So those that know me know that I roadrace motorcycles. Still have my R6 but also picked up a GSXR 750 for this year. Ive always raced my 600 in both the 600 and 750 class. Its just getting harder to compete with those little pricks who only weigh 140 lbs. Im a 205# guy who spends time in the gym, so Im screwed. I cant find 60 pounds to lose on the bike. So more CC's it is.


My R6 which since this pic is getting all new bodywork and Leo Vince Ti ehaust. Made 122 rwhp with a race tire.



And my 750 right after we got the motor in. Check out the Red PC wheels.

Stock made 121 rwhp. Since build it made 135 on pump gas. So with electronics and Race gas should be closer to 150



2 weeks till the season starts Ill keep ya posted



post-1515-002794700 1299908098_thumb.jpg

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damn i used to have a street bike and always wanted to get into the kind of racing that you do? if you don't mind tellin me/us how much does it cost to get started and did you take any classes? Looks like i might have to get myself another bike!

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You must graduate thru a novice season. I I can't believe I can say this but mine was in 2001. It's very expensive. I would suggest track days. For example: dunlops this season are $525 a set. They last me anywhere from 2-4 races. Fees are around $300 a weekend for 4 classes. And if you think premium is expensive? MR12 race fuel is near $20 a gallon. It is a blast. Something I cannot describe, but yes very expensive.


Btw: I was picked as 1 of 9 guys in the nation by Ducati North America to be a 848 Evo supported racer, but had to turn it down. It's bear $20k just to get it and race prep one. Too much $

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Thats a sick R6 ya got there man! I wish I still had my full leo titanium to sell you, I only just sold it like last month, it was still new in the box. I was just about to post up a pic of my bike then I realized its in my sig lol

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