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New Member - Miami, Fl Area

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Whats up SilveradoSS!

I just joined on here tonight (this am seeing as its almost 4am) and wanted to introduce myself. My name is Steven, currently in the Miami, Fl area. I'm not currently a SS owner, but its one of my fav trucks. I am a member of several other GM truck forums, so I'm not too new to the whole online scene. Right now I've got a daily driver 03 rcsb with a 06 front end conversion and a HD hood, with a bunch of other mods done to it. About the only thing I havent done is anything to the stock drivetrain. My weekend/drag car is a 71 Chevelle, with a 454 and 2 seats..


Hope to learn more about the SS itself, and maybe share from the experiences I've had building/modding mine.


Here's a few recent pics of the truck





and a shot of the velle



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Welcome aboard, nice looking truck. What kinda times you running with the Chevelle?


thanks for the compliments! as far as times, dont ask LOL it was a day/night of racing. I was overheating bad, having issues with firing up, and didnt feel like it was shifting right. I only made 4 or 5 passes, and on the last pass, blew up the rear again (thats a different story)

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