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Trade My Truck For A C5 Z06?


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Id prefer a c6 z06 but i cant afford that, im really stuck, i love my truck to death but i hardly drive it cause it sucks gas like no tomorrow. I guess its mainly city mileage that kills me. BUT A Z06!!!!!

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For sale 2003 corvette Z06 50th anniversary


106k miles

brand new tires

new tranmission and clutch (less then 3000 miles)

new brakes

heads up display

black and red interior

led aftermarket taillight

$17,900 obo



has to be better than my 13mpg...

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I have a hard time believing a vette gets better gas mileage, enough to make a trade on. On the highway yeah they'll make better mileage they are just so much more aerodynamic. If you need to do any city driving throw it out the door probably. Wouldn't maintenance be a ton more on the vette than the Silverado as well?

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Well if I win the toyota matrix from roll up the rim, we can trade vehicles so you will have your fuel efficient car! and I will have 2 SS's to choose from depending on my mood that day :P I'm mostly just incredibly jealous you have the ability to even consider a Corvette. I can't fit in them.

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i wish i couldnt fit in a vette lol then i wouldnt be tempted


if i ever get rich im gonna build an awd corvette dbanana.gif


hahaha you should just buy a nissan GTR at that point!


Apparently according to a thread on the viper forums, I fit in that.. So I'm gonna try and buy one after college! (yay pipe dreams)

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