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Code P0449?


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Whats up guys maybe i can get a little help i throw a code P0449. I changed the evap emission purge valve on top of the intake cleared the code, comes right back on as fast as i can clear it. I used 2 computers 1 reads that its a evap emission control valve v1v/sol malf an the other one says evap emission solenoid control senor. So r these the same parts? Also went to the dealer for the part told the guy what the code was he had no idea he said 1 of 2 things purge valve or canister..So i went for the cheaper of the 2 the purge vavle still throws code. Now before i go an spend more $$ on the canister an the not being the problem has any1 ran into issue b4? One more thing could the charc box throw this code as well if clogged? thanks for ur help guys..

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More often then not, the Vent Solenoid Valve on the side of your gas tank is at fault. There is a TSB out on it that has been revised and superceeded by GM about 4 times, and the latest one involves replacing the VSV and also relocates the vent tube from the filler neck up to the transmission tunnel....

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