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Let Me See Some Pics Of Your Cutouts


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Hey guys. I bought a QTP E-cutout and a 3in cutout for 100 bucks. I am installing this thing asap. If you could post some pics of where your cutout is installed and where you ran your wire into the cab that would help me alot. Also where did you guys install your switch. Pics speak 1000 words!



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Heres some pictures of my cutout. I just installed it this past weekend. Probably one of the sweetest mods i have done. My truck is turboed so all you hear when the cutout is open is the turbo spooling. I connected my flow tech to my down pipe with a V-Band clamp for easy removal. also heat wrapped the down pipe while it was out. I also added a O2 bung for my wideband. my cutout brand is DMH. heres the pics. it turned out so sweet. we also built the little turn down off the cutout so the exhaust isn't bouncing off the tranny cross member. i plan on replacing all the exhaust from the cutout back. its kinda old and rusty. ill get better pictures this weekend and a sound clip. i was plannin on getting a video but i got pulled over right before i went to get a video. so i was all pissed and didn't feel getting a video.







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You deff want to mount it as close as possible but not 2 close to the 02 sensors. Unless you get a tune to delete the back 2. As far as the wires for the switch there is a metal plug under the truck right behind the seat. Pop the plug and get a nice rubber one. The after you run the line in silicon the hole to keep the water out. Also keep the plug if you decide to get rid of them. I ran my switch in the center console hidden so no one new I had them.


Also guys running the QTP and DHM are going to hate them in a few months. Not going to lie.. I ran the QTP ones for a season, being a DD the collected water sand and everything else.. The leaked like no ones buissness. Not going to lie they were cool but I had to silicon them up for the rest of the winter and them I got rid of them. I now have the same ones as Chase but there going on my "BLOWN" 70 chevelle...

Just thought I would pass on the info..

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i havent messed with the new dougs cutouts , seem like they should work ok and more compact than mine . i know one person that had them and he had problems back when they were prototypes . hopefully those issue were resolved as you cant get this style anymore.

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i got mine from the guy that used to make them for dougs before they sold to pertronix.


the reason they changed the design was cost's . the old style were far more complicated but pretty much bullet proof .


but like i said not much feedback on the new style , try them and let us know.

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