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Won'T Start


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thursday my truck wouldn't start. Everything works on the on position but once i try and start i get nothin,its not the battery. then the next day and up to today its started fine. today i went to the mall and came out and it wouldnt start again. had to haul it home. any ideas wats wrong

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Like you said, it doesnt seem like a battery issue. I would blame a connection issue. First place I would check is the power supply line for the starter. Its damn close to a 4 gauge so if its corroded to the point where its about to break in half your not gonna be able to miss it! This just happened to my buddies 2002 WRX, its not impossible!

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The ignition switch wire commonly breaks which could cause your issues. Here are a couple pictures of my brother's truck that had this issue. The broken wire was the root cause. A 1 minute splice and heat shrink fixed her up.





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