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Chassis Dyno


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:dunno: Ok, just wandering has anyone else had a chassis dyno on their AWD SS? I can have the motor ran on an engine stand no problem and dynoed. But then you dont get the load of your own truck, gas, fuel lines, etc...and it isnt really accurate. But I have access to a chassis dyno as well and want to run it that way. I have seen people in Eclipses just disconnect the front driveshafts to do this, but i havent heard anyone on here talk about this with their SS. Can this be done? Is there any computer glitches or problems it would have? Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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Ive read a couple threads about it, its more than just disconnecting your front driveshaft, you cant use your brakes either if I remember correctly.......might get some results on the search button. :chevrolet:

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