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ok guys im a little stumped right now, as you know i did a cam swap earlier this winter and the truck fired up and ran fine except in gear when coming to a stop it would die , which is normal . so i hooked up the autocal and tried to put a tune on from wheatley but things werent working, long story short charlie being the nice guy he is sends me a new pcm which i got yesterday. i put in the pcm which is tuned already for the cam and stuff and thought it would fire right up but no it does like one quick crank and then the battery gauge drops and just stops. its not a relearn cus i know what a relearn feels like. i kept foolin around with it trying to get it to run and the one time i turn it over i hear a loud pop? not sure wat it was from or wat happend? you guys got any ideas what the hell s goin on ? could a blown fuse being do this? a short? i know the engine runs fine cus it was running for a wk before i parked it in the garage. any help would be greatly appreciated


thanks guys alex.

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I want to see if I am understanding this right, the truck hasn't been driven in a week, you went to crank and you get just a weak crank/click, and the volt guage drops off? Sounds like a dead battery to me.......

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no its been parked for like a month, battery is fine i charged it. when i go to turn the key it will only crank once then stop , if i hold the key it will still do that one crank stop and then once crank and stop .


pcm1 fuse was blown i changed it and nothing .

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