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Tsunami'S Hit Ca Coast Apparently


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Anytime a Tsunami hits across the pacific (no matter where it started) it sends waves all the way across the ocean. The waves start to dissipate by the time the reach the CA, OR, WA coast but there is a mountain range under the ocean off the coast of northern California near Crescent City. Im not exactly sure why but when the waves go over that mountain range it makes the waves pick ups speed and they head right for Crescent City. I think there is a similar thing that happens near Santa Cruz. Because of the mountain ranges and shape of the harbors, Crescent City CA, Santa Cruz CA, and Brookings OR got hit hard by the waves. Crescent city has been hit by 31 Tsunami's since 1933


I actually think that the Tsunami caused by the 1964 9.2 Earthquake in Alaska did more damage (in$) to crescent city then the quake did to Alaska



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